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 Main forum rules

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Sarasaland Princess

 Sarasaland Princess

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PostSubject: Main forum rules   Tue 13 Oct - 0:05

Welcome on this Super Mario roleplay forum, hope you will have fun here  Very Happy

This is a really simple and fun forum, so the rules wont be very complicated.
They probably are long to read (and I'm sorry about it) but VERY simple!  Very Happy

1) Can you join if you don't want to roleplay?

You can still join us if you don't want to roleplay! We have a chill out section where you can just talk about video games and share your love for the Mario universe. Also, to avoid confusion and leave the character free to a real roleplayer, Please don't use  an official character username if you don't roleplay. Wink

2) Introduce yourself

It is polite and important to introduce yourself before starting to post anything in the other sections like roleplay. You have to introduce yourself  Arrow Here! (one topic per character)
More rules about presentations will be found  Arrow Here!

3) Your character

In the case you would like to roleplay, you have to be a character related to the super Mario universe. Can be a nice one, an enemy, anything. Fan characters might be accepted if you are literate and if your character has a minimum background. The way you see and roleplay your character belongs to you. Nobody has to force you to change the way you want to play it. However, it just has to be close to his/her personality in game. You are free but... Respect the character a minimum  Wink

The Bio and background of your character have to be written on your profile in the "Bio" section.
Don't forget to activate your character information sheet Wink !
You'll find help about how to make it here  Arrow Click here!

4) Multiple accounts
You are frustrated because you hesitate between 2 characters?
Not a problem! You can create as many accounts as you want. You also don't have to tell us you're the same person. Just make it and have fun.

Though there will be a rule on this forum. To make it more realistic, we will just allow one account per character.
By this I mean : one Peach, one Mario etc...

UPDATE : rule not available anymore. Click on spoiler for details.


Though, if one of your character becomes idle, because you don't log in anymore, and if it's an important character as well, he will be added to a "on hold" list.
Meaning somebody else will be able to take your account if you don't come back. So just let us know if you have to leave for a while, because of holidays, work, exams etc... And we'll keep your character safe for you Wink

5) How to Roleplay?

All the roleplaying rules will be found here Arrow Click
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Main forum rules
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